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    Articulation System

    Protect your models & dies from possible vertical misalignment caused by base stone setting expansion
    Protect your model work with Artimax

    Artimax® Articulation is based primarily on the bite of the triple tray impression as provided by the dentist. Virtually eliminate the Lab Factor of High Occlusion problems by excluding the guess work of hand articulation.

    Difficult task of hand articulation: One of the Most Common Lab Factors of High Occlusion Problem
    Hand articulation, when done right, can deliver good results. But there are so many times when even the most experienced lab technicians have difficulties finding the correct bite, especially if the patient has an odd bite. This problem is even worse when it is combined with a free-end case. The focus must be on CONSISTENCY. The Artimax system delivers YOUR BITE- 100% of the time.