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BioRoot RCS

Mineral-based Root Canal Sealer

BioRoot™ RCS
Mineral-based root canal sealer

We know that failure of a root canal treatment can have severe consequences for you and your patients. With BioRoot™ RCS, move to a new generation of mineral obturation offering you an innovative combination of features

High Seal & Tight Interface

  • Outstanding adhesion to dentine and gutta-percha points
  • Less risk of voids
  • Hydrophilic - BioRoot RCS continues the sealing process in the presence of moisture

Outstanding Microleakage Resistance

  • Dentine structure mineralisation through hydroxy-apatite formation
  • Microleakage resistance over warm obturation technique
  • BioRoot™ RCS crystalises inside dentine tubules creating a 3-dimensional seal
  • Leakage-free obturation for reduced risk of late failure