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    Bluephase PowerCure

    Introducing The 3s PowerCure™ System
    Zero to 4mm in 3 seconds!

    Patented Polyvision technology is your personal assistant when it comes to curing dental materials.    

    This automatic assistance system helps you achieve reliable curing results. The curing light automatically detects movement of the handpiece during the light-curing procedure. It alerts the user of the improper operation by vibrating and automatically extends the exposure time by 10%, if necessary. If the movement may prevent the material from curing properly, the light will automatically interrupt the exposure cycle so that it can be repeated. Bluephase PowerCure comes with active anti-glare protection to prevent the light from being activated in open space.


    • Reliable curing performance for all light-curing materials due to polywave LED
    • Short cuing times starting from 3 seconds due to a high intensity up to 3,000 mW/Cm2
    • Short cuing times starting from 3 seconds due to a high intensity up to 3,000 mW/Cm2
    • Wide 10>9mm light guide for time-saving single-exposure curing procedures
    • Additional Pre-Cure program

    Efficient Aesthetics
    Bluephase PowerCure forms a part of the "Direct Restoratives" product category. The products of this category cover the procedure involved in the direct restoration of teeth – from preparation to restoration care. The products are optimally coordinated with each other and enable successful processing and application.

    Experience the difference with 3s PowerCure
    When direct Class I and II restorations are placed in permanent posterior teeth, 3-second exposures from the occlusal aspect are sufficient for all curing steps with the Bluephase PowerCure in the 3sCure mode. Simply expose Adhese Universal, Tetric PowerFill and Tetric PowerFlow to the light-intensity of 3,000 mW/cm2 produced by the curing light. You will notice right away that the curing time you require is considerably reduced. At the same time, you will continue to achieve the customary high-quality aesthetic results.

    "The 3s PowerCure system is a solution that has helped me with efficiency in all aspects of my practice. It has allowed me to account for the moments, saving substantial time. See how you can benefit from this system in your practice." Better Efficiency, Better Quality, Simply a Better Way - Dr Pete Gardell, DDS, Stamford, CT

    All these benefits with aesthetics at a 57% time savings!
    What will you do with an extra 3-4 hours a week*

    *best on a conventional posterior composite restoration taking an average of 15 minutes with 25 restorations / week.