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    Duplicating and Masking


    A precision duplicating material that is flexible, compatible to most model materials, simple 1:1 mixing ratio and resistant to high heat.


    Special precision Putty designed for laboratory use. Products come in either Condensation silicones (Sil-Tech and Sil-Tech Plus) or Vinyl Polysiloxane (Sil-Tech Super) materials. All products have a high shore hardness, fast setting, elastic and are heat resistant.

    Esthetic Mask

    Flexible gingival mask. A-silicone based, for the fabrication of master models and working casts in the dental technique.

    • Cold curing, high dimensional stability and tear strength
    • Fast and easy processing
    • Approx. 45 Shore A
    • Mixing ratio of 1:1, with re-usable syringes
    • For perfect natural aesthetics
    • Available in tubes and Automix2-cartridges
    • Colour: Base gingiva, Catalyst white 1:1

    Implant Mask

    Addition curing special silicone for manufacturing flexible gingival masks for implant procedures.

    • Free-flowing, dimensionally stable, tear-resistant
    • Flows evenly around impression coping with free-flowing properties
    • Very high elasticity allows repositioning as required
    • Very easily milled with high final hardness, approx. 70 Shore A
    • Scan Version, for unpowdered digital 3D recording
    • Readable by all standard digital scanners, high recording quality for interference-free image reproduction and data processing
    • Colour: gingiva