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    Where beautiful smiles begin

    IvoSmile is a software application (app) for visualising the possibilities for aesthetic dental makeovers directly on the patient. The technology of the software is based on augmented reality.

    Show your patients the possibilities for enhancing their smile in a few short minutes – on your iPad, at no obligation.

    Use the IvoSmile app in your consultations and give your patients an initial impression of what they could look like if they had an aesthetic dental makeover, with no strings attached and with no time-consuming, costly photographs or mock-ups involved.

    Virtual images and videos help patients gain a clearer picture of the treatment goal. They will find it easier to decide whether or not to commit their time and money to the process of detailed cosmetic treatment planning. They will be enthusiastic about seeing before and after views of themselves and having the possibility of looking into a “virtual mirror” to see what they would look like with the prospective aesthetic restoration in place. Eventually, they may feel more inspired to consider a smile makeover for themselves.

    IvoSmile includes a Bleaching option to simulate bleached natural teeth. The app can therefore also be used as a handy tool to advise patients on the ideal degree of whiteness.

    It is a digital technology that facilitates the communication between dentists, patients and lab technicians and makes the design process more straightforward and easier to understand. For beautiful teeth are something to talk about!


    • Digital communication and consulting software for an effective and inspiring discourse with your patients
    • Instant and emotional visualisation of the options for aesthetic tooth corrections including the possibilities for customised modifications of virtual teeth
    • Bleaching: visualisation of whitened natural teeth


    • Provide your patients with an image of their new smile in a few short minutes
    • Visualisations make complex treatments easier to explain
    • Awake emotions in your patients and win them as customers
    • Facilitate the communication between you and your lab partner
    • Avoid complications arising from misunderstandings or disagreements
    • Explain potential limitations (due to the patient’s anatomy) impacting on the realisation of an aesthetic treatment in words that patients understand
    • Position yourself as a modern innovative practice
    • Use the software for free for a 30-day trial period

    Technical requirements

    • Apple iPad with 64-bit CPU and iOS 10 operating system or higher