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    C-U2 Intraoral Camera

    C-U2, just right for me!

    Imagine new perspectives.
    Portable, simple, fast: high definition and technological reliability, as part of a miniature revolution.

    C-U2 HD becomes your new method of working, communicating, imagining.
    Reality has never been so clear. High definition details and innovative design for maximum comfort. C-U2 HD: the perfection of a complete high definition examination.

    It shows the patient, in real time, images and footages for the sake of direct and effective communication.

    Precise, sharp and clear, only C-U2 HD offers you clear and contrasted images under all circumstances. It shows/visualises the aesthetic aspect of a smile or a single tooth with maximum high resolution. The best.

    For more information on the MyRay C-U2 intraoral camera, visit or contact us on 0508 486 252.