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    OptraFine (Ceramic Polishers)

    OptraFine is a high-performance diamond polishing system for ceramic restorations, combining high efficiency with long-lasting pleasing polishing results.

    OptraFine is a highly effective diamond polishing system suitable for all types of ceramic materials, e.g. all-ceramic restorations made of IPS Empress CAD and IPS e.max CAD or IPS InLine metal-ceramics.

    OptraFine results in low surface roughness and aesthetic, high-gloss finish. The high quality of OptraFine polishers can be autoclaved and re-used.

    The dimensionally stable silicone polishers for finishing and polishing restorations are available in “flame”, “cup” and “disc” shapes. Final high-gloss polishing is carried out in conjunction with diamond paste and a nylon brush.


    • Low surface roughness due to a high diamond concentration
    • Excellent high gloss due to a polishing paste with diamond particles
    • Reusable