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WHW Acrylic

Acrylic denture powder

WHW 20 Minute Heat Cure Acrylic

  • Fast-curing denture base polymer producing a workable dough 20 minutes after mixing
  • 20-minute heat cure (boiling)
  • Shades: Pink-veined and Clear

 WHW High Impact Acrylic
A high-impact denture base polymer and monomer producing a workable dough 10 minutes after mixing at    23°C. Capable of being cured within the maximum residual methyl methacrylate level of 2.2%.

WHW Opacryl Orthodontic Acrylic
Opacryl is a self-curing acrylic developed specifically for the spray technique it does not run or slump and has excellent strength and clarity.

WHW Cold Cure Rapid Repair

  • Translucent-veined in colour to enable invisible repairs to be fabricated
  • Crystal-clear material suitable for all clear repairs