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Renfert Wax

Crown & bridge technique

Renfert have a variety of modelling and special waxes suitable for everyday laboratory use.

Ensure excellence: with GEO Expert
The top-quality modelling waxes, specially developed in collaboration with August Bruguera, are ideal for experts, individualists and technicians eager to learn with a high aesthetic demand for the restoration.

Work flexibly: with GEO Classic
With the high-quality, versatile GEO Classic range of modelling waxes every dental technician can find the correct wax for his individual requirements, whether for single crowns or highly complex bridge restorations.

Work efficiently: GEO Crowax
All restorations in crown and bridge work, and in CrCo work can be fabricated very cost-effectively using these uncomplicated modelling waxes from the GEO Crowax range.

For more information on Renfert Crown & Bridge waxes, visit or contact us on 0508 486 252.