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    SR Vivodent PE

    SR Vivodent PE-Premium

    Vivodent PE teeth are produced in multiple layers, which increase their natural appearance and strength. The high quality PMMA material used in the production process ensures years of beauty and function. The exclusive Pearl Effect (PE) final layer delivers a highly characterized translucent appearance that mimics natural enamel. The wide range of molds combined with high esthetics properties make Vivodent PE the standard for premium prosthetics.

    • Complete, Partial
    • PMMA Material
    • 4 Layer PE (Pearl Effect)
    • Individualized Characterization
    • 24 Maxillary Anterior Moulds
    • 8 Mandibular Anterior Moulds
    • 22° Semi-Anatomic Occlusion
    • 20 Chromascop Shades
    • 7 Year Warranty