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    UTS 3D

    UTS 3D transfers jaw models into articulators

    The UTS 3D transfer system is suitable for TMJ-related model transfer into articulators. With the 3D registration joint, the registration data can be fixed with only one tommy screw in just a few seconds. Due to the adjustable nosepiece, the UTS 3D can be universally set according to the Camper's Plane (CP) or the Frankfurt Horizontal (FH). The nosepad considerably increases the comfort of wear for patients. By means of the height-adjustable earpieces, the Transferbow is suitable for coordination-related model transfer. The side arms made of carbon fibres reduce the weight of the basic bow and thus make the transferbow suitable for coordination-related model transfer.

    Delivery form:

    • 1x Basic bow
    • 1x Height-adjustable nosepiece
    • 1x Nosepad set, Green
    • 1x Nosepad set, Blue
    • 2x Height-adjustable earpieces
    • 1x 3D registration joint
    • 1x 3D bite fork
    • 1x Reference point indicator accessories:
    • Height-adjustable support pins “Type 2“