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    Veneers: A Comprehensive Guide - One Day Lecture

    Date and Location
    6 Jun 2019
    09:00 AM - 05:00 PM  
    Auckland ICDE
    12 Omega St, Rosedale
    Auckland 0632
    New Zealand

    NZD  495.00 +GST

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    Course Description

    • Develop confidence in designing and delivering a conservative aesthetic option for patients

    • Understand the materials available and how to use them effectively

    • Learn the role occlusion and design play in the success of veneers

    • Learn the appropriate conversations to have regarding informed consent



    • Assessing a patient for veneers

    • Material options: composite or porcelain

    • Design and case planning

    • Prep design - locating features, depth reduction and margins

    • Masking intrinsic stains in teeth

    • Provisionals - different techniques

    • The wax-up and trial smile and its importance

    • Functional checks to ensure veneer success

    • Cementation - simplifying a potentially complex procedure

    • Pre-restorative orthodontics and the advantages

    • Complex veneer cases - mixing different restorative designs with veneers


    Caroline Jones
    Phone: +64 9 914 9999