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    VivaLearn: Free Online Dental CE

    Prime Time - Understanding Next Generations All Ceramics and Proper Cementation Protocols with Dr. Michael DiTolla

    Live: Thursday 9/5/19 | 7:00 PM ET | Since the introduction of the first monolithic restoration, fixed dental prostheses have come a long way. In particular, the all-ceramic category has seen a drastic shift to new materials with what seems like a new one entering the market every day. This CE webinar will aim to help you understand and decipher the difference between these materials, introduce you to the next generation of all-ceramics, as well as provide you with an in depth overview about cementation options for these new materials.

    CAD/CAM Fabricated Complete Dentures: A New Paradigm in Removable Prosthodontics with Dr. Nadim Z. Baba

    Live: Tuesday 10/8/19 | 7:00 PM ET | Dentistry has fully embraced the digital age and its integration into one of the oldest treatments in dentistry is proof that it is here to stay. Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) of complete dentures was introduced following the success of CAD/CAM in implant and fixed prosthodontics. CAD/CAM complete dentures have seen exponential growth in the dental market with the number of commercially available CAD/CAM denture systems growing every year. Interest in CAD/CAM has also been affected by a reduction in the number of dental laboratory technicians with extensive experience and expertise with traditional fabrication processes. This CE webinar will cover key aspects related to the current status of computer technology for the fabrication of complete dentures and removable partial dentures.

    The Multiple Indications of a Chlorhexidine Varnish in a Restorative Dental Practice with Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, D.M.D.

    This CE webinar will describe situations where the use of a chlorhexidine varnish can be used to idealize tissue health, reduce caries risk and minimize sensitivity. In addition, proper maintenance of restorations is essential for their long-term health, stability and aesthetics. Unfortunately, some materials used for maintenance can damage or reduce the lifespan of restorations. This CE webinar will describe tips and recommendations for maintenance of your direct, indirect, CAD/CAM and implant supported restorations.

    Everyday Posterior and Anterior Composites with Dr. John Nosti

    Dr. Nosti will discuss simplified techniques for everyday posterior and anterior composites to provide an aesthetic outcome while at the same time being profitable. Materials, techniques and instrumentation will be reviewed, along with understanding several important factors to reduce failures.

    Ending Cementation Confusion with Dr. Michael DiTolla

    This CE webinar will cover the common misconception practitioners have when it comes to conventional cementation and adhesive bonding. Discover the differences between conventional cementation and adhesive bonding, and how prep design relates to both. Explore the differences between the various methods of adhesive bonding, and when one method is indicated over another. Determine how to disinfect and pre-treat various monolithic restorations prior to either cementing or bonding them into place.

    The Clinical Advantages in Using Topical Antimicrobial in Everyday Dentistry with Dr. Sebastiano Andreana, D.D.S., M.S.

    During this CE webinar, participants will:

    • Learn how to use topical antimicrobials in everyday dental practice
    • Learn about the applications of topical antimicrobials on different clinical scenarios
    • Be able to recognize the beneficial effects of using topical antimicrobial in situations like prevention of root decay to aiding in soft tissue healing during second stage implant surgery

    Digital Dentures - Is This Process Right for Me? with Dr. Frank Lauciello

    This CE webinar will briefly describe the advantages of digital technology for removable restorations and several workflow options that are currently available. In particular the 'Three Appointment Workflow" will be outlined and suggested as an excellent transition from analog to digital dentures. This workflow mirrors many of the familiar procedures and utilizes digital technology to greatly accelerate and simplify several of the clinical appointments.

    Zirconia Mania - Why All the Rage? with Dr. Franklin Shull

    If you have been to a dental meeting or opened a dental journal in the past 3 years, I am sure you have heard the “buzz” around Zirconia. The once opaque white material only used as a coping or on a full contour second molar has now found its way to the esthetic zone. What has changed and are all Zirconias the same? Not by a long shot. We will discuss all you need to know about dental Zirconia!

    • Upon completion of this course you should understand the various types and strengths of Zirconias
    • Become more familiar with the cementation options for Zirconia
    • Beable to discuss with your lab partners the type of Zirconia needed for each case

    Posterior Direct Restorations: Simplifying our Treatments for More Predictable Outcomes with Dr. Jason Olitsky, DMD, AAACD

    This program will cover techniques and products for posterior direct composites that facilitate predictable outcomes.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Review factors that influence form and function of posterior composite restorations
    • Discuss techniques that make for successful posterior direct composites
    • Determine products that can facilitate our success with these restorations

    Modern vs. Conventional - Know Your Restorative Materials. Put the Patient First. with Dr. Will Christensen, John and Jed Archibald

    Come learn from one of dentistry's dream teams! Christensen Prosthodontics and Archibald Associates have worked together for over 35 years to refine the complex indirect restorative material selection process. In this CE webinar they will cut through the marketing and get right into the good, the bad and the ugly of today's restorative options. Walking through various cases, they will give examples of proper indication-based treatment planning. This includes prep design, material choice, cementation and bonding, and effective communication between dentist and technician.

    Are You Suffering From Cementation Anxiety? with Dr. Lee Ann Brady

    Symptoms include restorative failures, sensitivity, clean-up nightmares, or poor esthetics. It's important to use the right cement with the restorative material you are placing. This program will cure your cementation anxiety!

    This CE webinar will help the participant:
    • Review the different types of cementation systems that are available today and discuss what system to select per restorative material and clinical case.
    • Discuss the best cementation system to use as well as review the proper steps of cementation for lithium disilicate and zirconia.
    • Use a web based tool to answer all of your cementation questions.

    A Simple Approach to Direct Restoratives with Dr. Ronaldo Hirata

    Join Dr. Hirata, Assistant Professor of Biomaterials at New York University, as he discusses different approaches to composite dentistry. Watch as he defines the correct material with the proper indication. See how bulk filling techniques can be implemented as a routine procedure form posterior restorations.

    Advanced Prosthetic Options Utilizing Implant and IPS e.max with Dr. John Nosti

    With the advent and widespread use of implants in dentistry, patients are demanding a higher cosmetic result. Likewise, older prosthetic techniques are becoming a lost art form when implants are not an option. Join Dr. Nosti to discuss the use of IPS e.max in his highly demanding cosmetic cases, as well as telescoping copings to solve the common esthetic and prosthetic complications we face in dentistry today.

    Making the Right Choice in Restorative Material, Don't Follow the Herd Part 1 with Dr. Damon Adams

    Understand how, what, where, when, and why you should choose the right restorative material for your patients. Don’t be fooled by the advertising. Learn how to choose your restorative materials carefully based on the science, evidence and clinical reliability. See why “following the herd” may not be the best choice. Your patients deserve the best and so do you.

    Making the Right Choice in Restorative Material, Don't Follow the Herd Part 2 with Dr. Damon Adams

    Understand how, what, where, when, and why you should choose the right restorative material for your patients. Don’t be fooled by the advertising. Learn how to choose your restorative materials carefully based on the science, evidence and clinical reliability. See why “following the herd” may not be the best choice. Your patients deserve the best and so do you.

    Applying Flowable Composites for Everyday Dentistry with Dr. Jason Olitsky, DMD, AAACD

    Flowable composites are frequently placed as a first layer when restoring teeth with direct adhesive techniques. The placement of flowable composites may seem like an optional step in the restorative protocol for lining direct adhesive restorations, but it is a technique that is utilized by a significant number of dentists.

    Upon completion of this CE webinar, the participant will:
    • Understand how mechanical properties of flowable composites affect their clinical performance
    • Learn advantages of using flowable composites as a cavity liner.
    • Become more familiar with advancements in the properties of flowable resins and bulk fill materials.
    • Implement an efficient and esthetic technique to restore certain cavity preparations utilizing flowable bulk fill materials as a cavity liner.

    Moist Bonding? Wet Bonding? Dry Bonding? Finally, One Adhesive Solution for ALL with Dr. Donald Antonson, D.D.S., M.Ed.

    During this CE webinar the various generations of bonding agents will be reviewed and new research indicating their technique tolerance on wet and dry dentin will be discussed.

    Upon completion of this CE webinar, the participant will:
    • List advantages and disadvantages of various adhesive delivery systems
    • Learn a forgiving technique for adhesive bonding based on the latest research
    • Understand the value of a universal adhesive bonding technique.

    Tips and Tricks to Making a Good Impression with Dr. Marshall Fagin, D.D.S.

    This CE webinar will take you through step-by-step on making accurate Dual Phase and Putty Wash Impressions. Whether laser troughing or single and double cord techniques, labs continue to say this remains one of the greater challenges in fixed prosthetics.

    Upon completion of this CE webinar, the participant will:
    • Learn what to look for and how to minimize impression errors
    • Learn when to choose which impression technique
    • Learn step-by-step techniques for impression success (it's the little things that make a big difference!)
    • Discover that you can create better outcomes more predictably

    Taking Adhesive Dentistry to New Levels of Efficiency with Dr. Lee Ann Brady

    Universal bonding agents have the ability to take adhesive dentistry to new levels of efficiency because of their broad indications. However, there is a lot of confusion about these new universal bonding agents. For example, what does “universal” mean? Not all universal bonding agents are alike. There are also advantages and disadvantages with the various adhesive delivery systems available for these universal bonding agents.

    Upon completion of this CE webinar, the participant will:
    • Why you should consider using a universal bonding agent
    • How you should and shouldn’t use these universal bonding agents
    • Advantages and disadvantages of the various adhesive delivery systems

    Orthodontic Aligner Impressions Made Easy with Dr. David Rice, D.D.S.

    Capturing ideal, full arch orthodontic aligner impressions used to be a challenge. With the new properties of Virtual XD...challenge accepted.

    Upon completion of this CE webinar, the student will be taken through a simple, step-by-step system to make ideal orthodontic aligner impressions.