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    IPS Ivocolor Starter Kit

    Product Number: #667649EN

    IPS Ivocolor Starter Kit

    IPS Ivocolor is a universal range of Stain and Glaze materials for press, CAD and layering ceramics. Now dental technicians only need one assortment to customise and glaze their restorations. This allows you to work more effectively, improve the economic efficiency of the lab and achieve restorations of a consistently high quality.

    The IPS Ivocolor Starter Kit is the universal stains and glaze range for all IPS ceramic materials. The IPS Ivocolor Starter Kit features the most popular shade pastes, essence powders, a glaze paste, a glaze powder, 2 mixing liquids and 2 material shade guides. The IPS Ivocolor Starter Kit is supplied in the new material box and can be individually supplemented with other products.

    Kit contains one each of:

    • IPS Ivocolor Essence E01 White 1.8g
    • IPS Ivocolor Essence E02 Creme 1.8g
    • IPS Ivocolor Essence E10 Mahogany 1.8g
    • IPS Ivocolor Essence E17 Anthacrite 1.8g
    • IPS Ivocolor Essence E21 Basic Red 1.8g
    • IPS Ivocolor Shade Dentin SD1 3g
    • IPS Ivocolor Shade Dentin SD2 3g
    • IPS Ivocolor Shade Dentin SD4 3g
    • IPS Ivocolor Shade Incisal Sl1 3g
    • IPS Ivocolor Shade Incisal Sl3 3g
    • IPS Ivocolor Glaze Powder 1.8g
    • IPS Ivocolor Glaze Paste 3g
    • IPS Ivocolor Mixing Liquid Allround 15ml
    • IPS Ivocolor Essence Fluid 15ml
    • IPS Ivocolor Essence Material Shade Guide
    • IPS Ivocolor Shade Material Guide Shade
    • Modelling Brushes

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