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    IPS PressVEST Premium Powder 2.5kg

    Product Number: #685585AN

    IPS PressVEST Premium Powder 2.5kg

    IPS® PressVEST Premium is an universal, phosphate-bonded investment material for the following Ivoclar Vivadent pressed ceramics:

    • IPS e.max® Press
    • IPS e.max ZirPress
    • IPS InLine® PoM (Press-on-Metal ceramic)

    IPS PressVest Premium can be used in the popular speed heating procedure as well as with conventional heating methods. The high stability during the preheating phase allows materials with different expansion values to be processed. IPS PressVest Premium is therefore ideally suitable for milled and printed objects made from wax or acrylic. Due to the material’s optimum properties, IPS PressVest Premium has only a slight reaction layer, which is very easy to remove, and allows for a silky smooth, homogeneous surface.

    IPS PressVEST Premium cannot be used for metal casting, due to the high temperatures.

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