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    Tetric CAD for CEREC MT C14 / 5

    Product Number: #B502248
    A1 692152
    A2 692153
    A3 692154
    A3.5 692155
    BL 692156

    Tetric CAD for CEREC MT C14 / 5

    Tetric CAD is an aesthetic composite block for the efficient fabrication of single-tooth restorations. Due to the pronounced chameleon effect, Tetric CAD restorations blend in with the residual tooth structure in an optically pleasing manner.
    The restoration is polished after milling and then seated using an adhesive cementation protocol. This processing technique is very efficient and leads to an aesthetic result quickly and easily.

    The blocks are available in translucency levels MT in 5 shades (BL, A1, A2, A3 and A3.5) and HT in 4 shades (A1, A2, A3 and A3.5). They come in sizes I12 and C14.


    • True-to-nature integration into the oral environment due to the unique chameleon effect
    • Excellent polishability and intraoral reparability
    • Easy and efficient processing
    • Durable adhesive bond thanks to coordinated cementation system
    • Stability even in limited layer thicknesses, restorations with thinly tapered margins possible without chipping


    • Veneers
    • Inlays
    • Onlays (e.g. occlusal veneers, partial crowns)
    • Crowns in the anterior and posterior region

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