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    Stoddard Maxflex Pop-on Discs / 100

    Product Number: #B600087
    10mm Course Blue 733230
    10mm Medium Purple 733231
    10mm Fine Pink 733232
    10mm Ultra Fine White 733233
    14mm Coarse Blue 733235
    14mm Medium Purple 733236
    14mm Fine Pink 733237
    14mm Ultra Fine White 733238

    Stoddard Maxflex Pop-on Discs / 100

    A conventional design for contouring, polishing and high shine of all restoration surfaces, composite, amalgam, glass ionomer cement, semi-precious and precious metals.

    • Mandrel design prevents slipping
    • Coated on one side with aluminium oxide
    • Brass centre to ensure secure attachment to the mandrel
    • Super thin foil disc - ideal access to the tooth surface and for interdental polishing
    • Easy handling due to the colour coded discs

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