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    Tetric Prime Cavifil 150 x 0.25g

    Product Number: #B601704
    A2 706865WW
    A3 706866WW

    Tetric Prime Cavifil 150 x 0.25g

    Tetric Prime is a light-curing, radiopaque composite for direct restorations. With it’s great handling
    and creamy consistency, it can be used UNIVERSALLY for anterior and posterior teeth.

    The chameleon effect ensures a natural shade blend
    If you want to replace lost tooth structure with a natural-looking aesthetic restoration, you will
    require materials designed to mimic the light optical properties of the natural enamel and dentine as
    closely as possible.

    Sculptable handling and reduced stickiness
    Due to its creamy consistency, Tetric Prime can be used with ease to restore anterior and posterior
    teeth. The reduced stickiness of Tetric Prime facilitates the creation of anatomical structures.
    Modelling instruments such as OptraSculpt® and OptraSculpt Pad® are ideal for this task.

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