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    Dürr FD366 Sensitive Wipes

    Product Number: #B502362
    Pkt 100 737693
    4 x Pkt 100 737694

    Dürr FD366 Sensitive Wipes

    FD 366 sensitive wipes are ready-to-use disinfection wipes. They excel through a broad effective spectrum and an excellent material compatibility. Ideal for the simultaneous disinfection and cleaning of the sensitive surfaces of medical devices made of plastic, acrylic glass and for vinyl upholstery of treatment units.

    • Bactericidal, tuberculocidal, levurocidal, limited virucidal (encapsulated viruses such as vaccinia viruses including HBV, HCV and HIV as well as non-encapsulated such as noro viruses)
    • Only 1 minute exposure time (in accordance with VAH/DGHM)
    • Extra large wipes measuring 200 x 300mm
    • Perfume free

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