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    3Shape TRIOS 3 Pod

    Product Number: #B502386
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    3Shape TRIOS 3 Pod

    3Shape TRIOS® allows you to enhance patient experience with exciting engagement tools, reduce chair-time and embrace new treatment opportunities.
    TRIOS is an open and widely integrated solution that gives you unrestricted production possibilities for a vast range of dental indications and cost-saving workflows. Through a range of powerful apps and continuous software upgrades, TRIOS ensures that your practice stays ahead as your business grows stronger.
    Give a great treatment experience
    Excite patients by bringing digital impressions and treatments to life
    Get more open options
    Choose lab or in-house production, with access to an unrivalled ecosystem
    Grow your practice
    Advance case acceptance, expand your offer and boost profitability
    Improve patient care with remarkable scan speed and documented accuracy
    TRIOS scans are up to twice as fast as conventional impressions, and deliver high accuracy on single units, quads and full arch, as  documented by multiple comparative university studies.
    3Shape TRIOS allows you to seamlessly connect to thousands of TRIOS Ready labs and treatment providers offering a full range of indications, materials and expertise. Easily interact with your lab using 3Shape Communicate on your mobile device or web browser.

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