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    Helioseal F Plus 1.25g

    Product Number: #686769AN

    Helioseal F Plus 1.25g

    Helioseal® F Plus is a light-curing, white-pigmented fissure sealant featuring fluoride release. With the handy syringe, the fissure sealant can be precisely dispensed and applied exactly where it is needed. The syringe comes with a fine cannula that allows the fissure sealant to be applied quickly and precisely and prevents overfilling.

    • New formula for optimised consistency
    • Optimum sealing of pits and fissures with a com-plex morphology
    • Precise dispensing and application
    • Efficient treatment
    • Reduced exposure time
    • Quick, comfortable treatment of children


    Helioseal F Plus is used for the sealing of pits, fissures and foramina caeca in deciduous or perma-nent dentitions. Helioseal F Plus is suitable for use in children, adolescents and adults.

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