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    SR Ivocap High Impact Standard Pack / 50

    Product Number: #B601388
    Preference 559615AN
    US-P 531403AN
    US-L 531402AN
    Pink-V 531451AN
    US-D 578936AN

    SR Ivocap High Impact Standard Pack / 50

    The pre-dosed SR Ivocap® High Impact denture base material obtains consistent material quality by the clean, homogeneous mixing of the material in the Cap Vibrator. The material complies with EN ISO 20795-1.


    • Highly shock- and fracture-resistant denture base material
    • Excellent accuracy of fit without vertical increase
    • Outstanding bond with resin teeth
    • Optimum polishability
    • Tried-amd-tested injection technique
    • Also polymerisable in the IvoBase Injector

    Kit Contains:

    • 50x 20g SR Ivocap Polymer
    • 50x 30ml SR Ivocap Monomer
    • 100x Funnels
    • 50x Paper Inserts
    • 100x Denture Bags

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